In Marienbad, 22 km from Karlovy Vary and 7 km from Dar God in the saddle between the Wolf Ridge and the ridge is located cottage Aninka. Cottage Aninka Marian is inserted in the middle of deep forests and mountain meadows. This position, away from main roads, this site gives a characteristic calmness and tranquility.

Aninka Cottage accommodation in Marienbad
Chalet in Aninka Marian was totally renovated in autumn 2006. Apartments are for 3-6 people with own toilet and shower, kitchen, internet and satellite television. The total capacity of the cottage in Aninka Marian is 19 beds plus extra bed. Stay is ideal for families with children and for kindergarten. Offered are 4 suites with private entrances. Possibility to organize sports or corporate events. There are also classrooms, guides, language instructors.

Cottage accommodation in Marianske Aninka gastronomy
The stay is self catering. Guests can lodge in the Marian Aninka prepare meals in the kitchen or use the services of restaurants nearby. Within a radius of 100 m two restaurants.

Accommodation in Marianske Aninka cottage neighborhood
Swimming for guests in the summer in Marian directly in the pond - especially for children in nearby natural pools (from 6 km), in Bozi Dar (7 km), 10 m indoor swimming pool in Potucky (20 km) and Termal in Karlovy Vary ( 25 km). In summer and winter are two indoor water parks with thermal swimming pools in Germany (both 50 km). Surroundings Holiday Aninka in Marianske lures to various walks through meadows and woods in the vicinity to the more demanding hikes over mountain ridges and slopes.

Cottage accommodation in Marianske Aninka history
The first written mention of the Marian from 1699. This year, built a Jáchymov mining fraternity to place a wooden chapel a pilgrimage pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary to intercede with the intent to restore faded glory mining Jáchymov. Pilgrimages to Marian took place from 1694. In 1766 built in the Marian monastery and church of the Capuchins new. Was abolished in 1949 and sixteen years later, its buildings demolished and removed.

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