Chata Amadeus

Mountain resort lodge in Abertamy Amadeus is situated on the ridge of the Ore Mountains at an altitude of 840-1000 m. There are only 20 miles north of world famous spa town Karlovy Vary. There are regular bus and the cottage is 5 minutes from the square and the bus stop. Next to the cottages are parking spaces. The cottage is located on a very quiet location in the village.

Chalet accommodation in Abertamy Amadeus
Chalet in Abertamy Amadeus offers accommodation in 6 comfortably furnished single, double, triple and quadruple rooms with a total capacity of 15 beds and adding 3 extra. All the rooms huts Amadeus in Abertamy have shared bathroom facilities located on all floors.

Chalet accommodation in Amadeus Abertamy services
Chalet in Abertamy Amadeus is not only comfortable accommodation but guests can enjoy mountain bike rentals, bike and ski storage, lounge with fireplace and a variety of board games, kitchen and garden with grill and fireplace, are you in the summer months fully available. If you bring pets, we will lodge in the Amadeus Abertamy housed.

Holiday cottage in Abertamy Amadeus gastronomy
Guests cottages in Abertamy Amadeus is a fully equipped kitchen, which creates a wide space for preparing your favorite dishes. Near the cottage is The Old Post Office Restaurant with a wide range of Czech and international cuisine.

Accommodation in Abertamy chalet near Amadeus
In winter cottage near Amadeus in Abertamy paradise for downhill and cross country skiing. Approximately 300 meters from the cottage is located Abertramy lift. Here are more demanding downhill skiers can go to God's gift of ski resorts, and Klínovec Perninek. Cross-country skiers are close to the cottage can be connected to the Ore Mountains. Outside the winter you can take walking or cycling on the mountain Plešivec to Nechranice dam, the pool or in Merklin Nejdek mountain or in the German town Oberwiesenthal. In Karlovy Vary is the very experience of walking along the promenade the main street. There are plenty of colonnades, springs and sources, stores and shops. One of the attractions is the house Karlovy Vary Casanova. It is a building that is well known that in the nine stayed the poet Goethe. In the city itself and its surroundings is also a great number of towers and prospects. The Diana observation tower (547 m), which became one of the landmarks of the city leads chairlift. There is for example the castle Loket Hartenštejn, lock Bečov, hut, a gift of God, the Renaissance chateau Manětín, natural attractions can certainly assign Slavkovský forest area.

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