Chata Na Sluníčku

Villa Na slunicku Jachymov in town is 22 km from Karlovy Vary and 7 km from Dar God in the saddle between the Wolf and the ridge in the middle of the deep forests and mountain meadows. This position, away from this area offers peace and quiet property.

Villa accommodation Na slunicku Jachymov
Chalet in Jachymov slunicku Na has a total capacity of 66 beds. Villa in the sun in Joachimsthal, and cheap hotel with shared bath, 2 to 10 rooms.

Villa accommodation Jachymov Na slunicku Service
Chalet in Jachymov slunicku Na has for its guests a wide range of services. The guests have a safe, sauna, swimming pool 2x3. Children can play with the playground and ping - pong and darts. There is also a pool table, bar, ski, bike, bike wash, 3 football fields and the like. Parking is also on the bus and bicycle.

Villa accommodation in Jachymov kitchen Na slunicku
Chalet in Jachymov Na slunicku offers half board or full board in the agreement. Villa Na slunicku Jachymov offers a food program for children's travel.

Villa accommodation in Jachymov slunicku Na district
Joachimsthal in Bohemia West, north of Carlsbad. Jachymov City is in the Ore Mountains in the valley below the mountain Klínovec (1244 m). Jáchymov is a famous health resort and a popular winter recreation. Despite the negative influences of the city has many historic buildings, and was declared in 1992, an urban conservation area. In the historic part of town is a row of houses, the Renaissance portals are established. The portal of the city were demolished in 1835. The town hall was built in 1540-1544 and includes a tower. Was repaired in 1782, the town hall burned down in 1783 and 1784 and rebuilt.

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