Spa Complex Curie

Curie Spa Hotel is located in Jáchymov provides complete spa therapy, including treatment, accommodation and meals.

Curie Spa Hotel in Jachymov accommodation:
Curie Spa Hotel has a total capacity of 134 beds, offers accommodation in single and double rooms. 2 rooms are wheelchair accessible. The rooms at the Curie bathroom with shower, toilet, satellite TV, refrigerator, telephone and built-in safe.

The Curie Jáchymov hotel accommodation restaurant:
Curie Spa Hotel in Jáchymov offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, served in the spacious restaurant. Full board and half board. In summer there is a spacious terrace. In the café to hold regular dance evenings. Guests are also prepared lounges and bar.

Accommodation Curie Jáchymov hotel services:
Curie Spa Hotel in Jáchymov offers guests secure parking, non-stop service, currency exchange, library, hairdresser, cosmetics, pedicure and Internet connection. It is also available, pool, public telephone. In the hotel Curie Jáchymov is a non-stop medical service and are offered a comprehensive health services and medical treatments and severely affected patients.

Hotel accommodation in Jáchymov Curie area:
Curie Spa Hotel offers the opportunity to visit Jáchymov Jáchymov Spa, known for its tradition and the therapeutic effect of radon water, which works very well on the human body. Jáchymov Spa offers unique treatment of the locomotor system.

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