Pension Dalibor

Accommodation is in Dalibor Jáchymov and provides a comfortable and pleasant accommodation. Parking is in a secure area in the spa area.

Holiday accommodation in Jáchymov Dalibor:
Accommodation in Jáchymov Dalibor provides a comfortable and pleasant accommodation. Dalibor Bath House has 14 single rooms, 12 double rooms, 3 suites, 2 triple rooms and 1 quad room. All rooms are equipped with bathroom, toilet, television with satellite channels, telephone, refrigerator and built-in safe. Possibility to connect to the Internet via wifi. Elevator and links with the main building by a covered corridor increases the comfort of accommodation on this dependency.

Holiday accommodation in Jáchymov Dalibor gastronomy:
Accommodation in Jáchymov Dalibor provide catering in house spa Behounek buffet or a la carte in the hotel cafe.

Accommodation in Jáchymov Dalibor services:
Accommodation in Jáchymov Dalibor offers the following services: including social and cultural opportunities are available to clients only if the spa hotel. Behounek, but also in other spa facilities. Table tennis, billiards and bike cross-country skis at the hotel, rent a mountain bike, tennis, petanque, skittles, mini golf and Nordic Walking in the spa area. Radon spa therapy focused on musculoskeletal disorders. A wide range of therapeutic, relaxation and wellness stays, the possibility of buying additional procedures and cost-effective packages.

Holiday accommodation in Jáchymov Dalibor area:
Accommodation offers in Jáchymov Dalibor know Jáchymov, which lies in a valley at the foot of the Ore Mountains near the border to Germany, about 20 km from Karlovy Vary and 7 km from the border of God's gift. The famous and rich history of the city commemorated by a number of monuments caused by its founding in the twenties of the 16th century. The Spa Jáchymov has an outstanding position in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases with unique therapeutic resource base - the radon mineral waters. This natural healing source with a high content of radioactive radon gas is the source of soft alpha rays and has an overall strong effect on the human body.


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