Tranquil spa town of about 14 thousand inhabitants is situated on the banks of the Elbe River , approximately 50 km east of Prague. The town is dominated Poděbradský castle, originally a Gothic castle was built between 1262-1268 by King Otakar II . The castle has undergone throughout its existence a few alterations to the current form of the Baroque castle . In the fourteenth century the castle and manor lords of Kunštátu and Poděbrad . Of this genus originated by King George of Podebrady, who built the estate of one of the largest in the country behind the Rosenbergs . In 1472 the sons of King George Poděbrady promoted the city.In 1905, while drilling the well in the courtyard was at a depth of 96 m found a strong source of iron-rich water , which still bears the name of its discoverer - Bülowův spring. This event had a huge impact on the development of the city . Already in 1907 the city had three public sources and in 1908 were based Podebradska spa. For the next twenty years old can already boast spa sixteen spring. Spa town center created in the Art Nouveau style by architect and urban planner František Janda . The spa is specialized in the treatment of diseases of the heart and circulatory system , on which most deserves Prague cardiologist Professor dr . Václav Libenský .When you visit Poděbrad should not escape your attention George Square with Marian column from 1765 and Renaissance old town hall, or Podebradska Station , architectural gem, and the first functionalist station in the country. A special chapter is a spa park . In the middle we find Libensky colonnade , built in 1936 , designed by architect Vojtěch Kerhart . Around the park there are many important buildings (Villa Kouřimka and Obereignerova villa Tlapak hotel , spa house or building Libenský Princely bath ) . In the park you will also find the famous flower clock strpaslíkem , odbíjejícím time .Poděbrady , it is also a rich cultural life. Venue of a number of festivals and competitions shows, of which the most famous include Podebradska days of poetry, international competition of brass band music plays Kmoch Europe , young theater festival of amateur theater FEMADA , the annual National Championship Finals majorettes , Historical celebrations of King George , and more. In the castle grounds to the theater to forge.If you decide to spend Podebrady weekend or holiday , you will find many beautiful hotels (some even offer therapeutic procedures ) in the very center of the spa or many cozy B & B with a real home atmosphere.Around town you will find many bike paths along which you can take , for example, the direction of Nymburk , there is also a nature trail, leading floodplain forest to the confluence of the Labe and Cidliny . Bathing serves natural swimming on the lake. The city has two football field, ice rink, riding stables with a riding club , skate park , squash and tennis courts . The river and lakes you can fish .Spa Poděbrady look forward to your visit.For this area, we don´t have any text in English. We apologize for any imperfections in this machine translation. If the text is unintelligible, please let us know.

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